One of the most beautiful private circuits possible in East Africa in every respect. For adventure and wildlife lovers of any age. Fabulous flights, breathtakingly varied landscapes and activities of choice such as witnessing the great migration of Gnu in the Sarengeti, to the famous Gorillas of Rwanda in the Virunga Mountains. Interaction with the Chimpanzees of Gombe in Tanzania at the majestic lake Tanganyika. Flying over Burundi on the way. Discovery of the inaccessible Katavi reserve, where we will find the largest concentration of hippopotamuses in Africa. Safari in the vast Selous reserve, 4WD, by foot, by boat, in the heart of the largest protected area in Africa, completeing your journey in Zanzibar.
We ensure that as a result of your participation in this trip, you are contributing to various projects whose mandate is to safeguard species and environments which are endangered and threatened by exploitation.
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