8 Days Aerial Adventure Safari through a diverse variety of National and private wildlife sanctuaries, and the spectacular North of Kenya.

This safari is ideal for nature and wildlife enthusiasts, we not only visit some of the most renowned parks, but also a variety of private game sanctuaries. We will meet many colourful traditional tribe's people in their own natural environment; enjoy spectacular flights throughout the adventure, also Safari on foot, in 4x4 and possibly on horseback. The highlight of this journey; the surreal flight over the south of Lake Turkana

Safari Summary

Duration : 8 Days / 7 Nights
Number of peoples : 1 - 5 person(s)
Tour start : Nairobi
End of the trip : Nairobi

Places visited :

  • Sangare
  • Mathew’s Range
  • Suguta
  • Lake Turkana
  • Masaï-Mara
  • North Kenya
  • Amboseli
  • Naïvasha
  • Natron
  • Lakipia Olmalo

Transportation :
  • Flights, scenic style: Cessna 206
  • Ground: 4x4, Cessna 206

Physical condition :

No age limit (except for the visit Gorilla and Chimpanzees, minimum 15 years), health, skill, everything goes according to your wishes and personal capacity. Our only requirements: Enthusiasm, curiosity and love of nature!

Activities :
  • Air Excursions, scenic flights over Kenyan landscape.
  • 4x4 safaris in all National Parks . Masai Mara, Aberdares, Meru.
  • 4x4 safaris in the private reserve of Oserian in Naivasha, Solio
  • Hiking in the Matthew's forest with Samburu  some of our Samburu friends.
  • Cultural immersion in our Masaïs friends
  • Walking with Masaïs and Samburus friends
  • Boat trip on Lake Naïvasha
  • Breakfasts, brunch, lunches and sundowners in the bush.
Introducing :

Alexis Peltier your pilot and guide will accompany you throughout your stay, in flight and on the ground by arranging unforgettable surprises along the journey; he introduces you to many friends along the way.

Accommodation :

Also in the spirit of a very special stay, personalized and privatized, we selected a mix of different types of accommodations to meet your needs and convenience.
Alexis Peltier has merged a variety of his contacts that allow great flexibility and a very personalized service.
We attach particular importance to the Lodges and Camps who are involved in conservation activities, as well as in the lives of local people.

Different lodge from : luxury, nice quality, 
family cottage, bush camps

Contact us, we will design your journey together.

Day 1

Depending on your arrival in Nairobi, you are collected and taken to the light airfield, where we can relax a little, as we load the plane for take off.
Your first experience of the view of this diverse country from the air will be an exciting 2hr flight to the Masai Mara, via the Great Rift Valley You will soar over gigantically arranged cracks in the Earth, then s surreal Lake Magadi and Natron whose sumptuous colours and geographic textures are indescribable, The base alkaline waters create a salt soda crust which becomes an important nesting site for thousands of flamingo. We make a spectacular flight to the Tanzanian border, images that you won't forget for the incredible range of tones. We will climb the N'Guruman escarpment peaking at 3. 200 mts, flying over the forested Loita Hills, we enjoy a game flight over the wildlife strewn savannah stretches of the Masai Mara. Settling into our charming tented lodge. Lunch, rest and around 16:00, set off for a Personalized 4x4 safari game drive, where the great cats are still the kings of this land, and much of every other wildlife species can be found here. Aperitif at sunset, return to the camp for dinner and good night's sleep..

Day 2

At 6:00, hot drink with your wake up, 6h30, depart for a personalized safari in 4x4 in search of wildlife. Breakfast in the bush during the game drive. Return to camp around mid morning . At your leisure during the heat of the day.

The Masai-Mara is an extension of the Tanzanian Serengeti. It is witness to the great transitions of Burchell's zebra and wildebeest, lion, leopard, cheetah, elephants, Thomson's and Grants Gazelle, impalas, Kirk dick-dick, topis, Crocodiles, Maasai giraffe, warthog, jackal and many others ... The Masai-Mara national reserve (1530 km2) is a world in itself
Afternoon game drive exploring all opportunities , until dark, in search of big cats.. Dinner, overnight at our cozy tented camp.

Day 3

At 6:00 am, hot drink and 6:30, back in our truck in search of the big cats and other animals before the sun gets too hot..after we have taken a traditional bush breakfast we return to the lodge, relax. After lunch, take off for a 1;00 hr flight to Naivasha . The landscape varies from grassy savannah plains to high forest plateaus finishing with an impressive descent into the Great Rift Valley. You will see the geothermal fumaroles s erupting on the edge of Logonot volcano. We make a steep descent over the lakes Naivasha and Olgodien , both frequented by vast amounts of many varieties of birds. A refreshing arrival in the cooler heights of Naivasha, after these days of safari. We settle into an elegant small lodge in a private sanctuary. Relax, swim, and lunch. In the cooler hours set off for a small safari full of surprises. A beautiful end to the day taking sundowners in the bush around a campfire watching and listening to the wonderful sounds of the African night  ... Magic moments ... On the way back to the lodge, night game drive where it is not uncommon to encounter leopards, and many other wonderful creatures of the night such as the aardvark. Back to Lodge, Dinner at the corner by a cosy fire, we are nearly 1800 meters. You might enjoy a fire in your room tonight.

Day 4

Wake up with a hot drink of your choice and a small snack. Be prepared for a boat trip on Lake Naïvasha. You will have before your eyes one of the largest densities and varieties of birds in the world per km2, not to mention the hippopotamus's .This is a fresh water lake, and has uncommonly fertile soil. .. Back on the bank and surprise! Another great brunch in the middle of nowhere on the acacia forested shores of the lake, in a sublime setting where we are often observed by giraffe and zebra intrigued by our presence.
Back at the lodge, we have our bags packed and ready to transfer to the plane and take off for a superb 45 minute flight to Sendai.
If the weather permits, we will cross 10 000 feet above sea level over the Aberdare's Range, flying over a valleys where beautiful waterfalls rush under canopies of thick indigenous forests and bamboo thickets. At a higher altitude, moorland opens where heather, giant lobelias and the everlasting protea grow in abundance, similar to the vegetation found on Mt. Kenya. Here we find the highest falls in Kenya.
We land at a ranch strip in the lush green highlands. Settle into Sangare or El Karama, in the rustic friendly cottages, offering simple comforts within the room, and familiar atmosphere around a large dining table, and living room fire.  Relax a little before we set off for a game drive in the private reserve of Solio. We will find many rare animals, such as the Grevy's Zebra, whose numbers are in such peril that they have now been labelled endangered. This ranch is renowned for its prolifically successful rhinoceros population, thanks to all of the monitoring and security which has been put in place to protect them. Many mammals, large and small, and a wide variety of birds. If you are counting you can find around 180 species in this one sanctuary. The environmental and rhinoceros preservation program, introduced in the 1970s, allows parsimonious visitors. Night in a cosy cottage.

Day 5

This morning, after breakfast , we set off by 4 x4 to the Aberdares National Park, encompassing a forested mountain range perched  on the Western edge of our great rift . Ol Donyo Lasetima, the highest point of this massif reaches 4000 meters. The forest reserve extends over 1,000 square kilometres.
This park is renowned for the beauty of its landscapes and for the richness of its fauna and flora. It is a succession of forests, valleys and mountains with steep slopes dotted with rivers and waterfalls. Here there is a profusion of animals: buffalo, numerous antelope including the rarest of bongo, warthogs, giant forest hog serval cat, leopards, hyena, black rhino, and mountain elephants. Among the apes one can admire the beautiful Colobus monkey amongst others. With more than 200 species of resident birds, flora and fauna is widely represented. If we are lucky we might catch a glimpse of extremely rare animals such as the black Serval, the black ( melanistic ) leopard, and possibly the elusive bongo. We will also make steeplechase walk to the waterfalls. . Be prepared for a superb day full of surprises, including all weather. Back to the cottage. Dinner and overnight at the cottages.

Day 6

After breakfast, we head the plane for a first short flight of 15 minutes. We will refuel the aircraft at a small airfield in Nanyuki which lies 2,200 meters above sea level , on the foothills of Mount Kenya, on the equator. Take off for another 0:50 flight to
Ngelai, and the Mathews Range. Flying over the elephant strewn, Samburu nomad landscape, and green refuges of forest havens, this range is one in a link of mountains of geomoprphic rock that is pre- cambrain in its geology. This you will see in this forest we find the giant Cycad, amongst other intriguing things.
Landing on a bush trail where we enjoy a 'lugga' picnic. Relax under a shady acacia while things cool slightly, unloading the aircraft of baggage, we go for a scenic flight you will never forget. Our wings will soar over the rugged Elbarta Plains, home to the Turkana and Samburu people, and plunge into the great rift through it's coloured canyons into the Suguta Valley, lowest in altitude, and hottest place in Kenya; its volcanic history, its desert of sand, its superb mineralogy. Great emotion as we glide like and eagle over Lake Logipi, its palette of color and its pink flamingos. The highlight of the flight as we cross the volcanic barrier to find Lake Turkana, the Jade Sea, on the South Shores of which Naboyetom andTelekis volcanoes stand testimony to the immense and wonderful power of the Planet. Here the Earth shows its elusive beauty and all its glory. This is as impressive as any of the great wonders of the World. To top it all, far from the beaten path, we fly over the heights of Mount Nyiro, where it is said, dwells Ngai, the Samburu people's mystic connection to the divine .Their culture is truly fascinating, and we intend to share all our knowledge with you.
Landing back at the strip, we drive by 4x4 to a small tented camp tucked in the wilderness. If we are lucky, and season is right, we might be able to watch Elephants very close. Tonight, I'll explain how to navigate with some star constellations. Dinner and overnight at the small camp.

Day 7

Breakfast in this sublime green setting. There are hikes for all levels of fitness, so depending on your wishes, we hike and find our lunch laid out in the forest along the way. Walk back to your tent for an afternoon siesta.
Mathew's Range is located in northern Kenya, surrounded by vast semi-arid plains. This territory is that of the Samburu and Rendille tribe. These peoples are semi-nomadic pastoralists who roam these vast spaces with their flocks. It is also an important transition corridor for elephants into the Ndoto mountains to the north and the hills of Karisia Hills to the west, this area is out of time. A number of animal species have evolved independently in the Mathew's Range, hence its great diversity and conservation value. It is a sanctuary for fauna and flora.   On the way back, let's plunge into the fresh river. Back to the small camp, relax, and take our last evening sundowner the Kenyan way. Dinner and overnight at the small camp.

Day 8

Depending on your flight time for those who wish, after breakfast, you can go for a short walk..   We can take a Brunch, transfer by 4x4 to the plane and take off for our last 1:35 flight to Nairobi, Flying over the Ewaso Ngiro basin, the heights of Laikipia her abundant wildlife; the green checker boards of the tea fields of Limuru, where Kenya grows the finest of tea, before the descent into Ngong hills and Nairobi. .
Landing at the air field, rest and relax. Depending on your departure time   Dinner and transfer to the international airport.
Returning to your world with wonderful memories, a glowing heart and a new perspective on life..


Price per person, in US$ :
(No hotel on first and last should you want in Nairobi. No new years supplement. Tips, and all drinks ordered by your guide are included)

On basis :

  • 1 person(s) : 12.495 US$
  • 2 person(s) : 7.285 US$
  • 3 person(s) : 5.760 US$
  • 4 person(s) : 4.995 US$
  • 5 person(s) : 4.540 US$

Single room supplement : 610 US$

For children less than 8 yrs sharing with 2 adults :

  • 3 person(s) 4.470 US$
  • 4 person(s) 3.705 US$
  • 5 person(s) 3.250 US$
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  • The hotel with full board.
  • 4x4 with driver.
  • Entrances to parks.
  • Air travel by bush plane during the safari.
  • Drinks ordered by the expedition leader.
  • Tips.
  • Your guide, English and French speaking pilot.
  • Transfers to Nairobi and to airports.
  • Snacks in Nairobi.

Not included

  • Expenses of a personal nature.
  • Your personal insurance
  • Visas
  • International flight.
  • First or last night in Nairobi according to your arrival or departure time.

Formalities - Health

Provide, loincloth, shorts, swimwear, fleece, pants, shoes, comfortable sandals, cap, sunglasses, flashlight. Kenya has many highlands, mornings, evenings and cloudy days, it can get cold there, the ultimate weapon, a good fleece and a raincoat.

Bagages souples seulement afin de faciliter le chargement de l’avion.

Antimalarial prophylaxis recommended mosquito repellent + a, yellow fever vaccine not mandatory in Kenya depending your antecedent travels but advised against it is required for travelers who have recently visited or transited + 12h in one of 42 countries in sub-Saharan Africa or South America.

High protection sunscreen, drink lots of water, no supply problem on the spot.

Common drug for minor cuts, digestive disorders, eye drops, antihistamines. Kit first complete emergency on board.

See things to bring on safari

Mandatory passport validity must be valid 6 months after the return date for French citizens * .
It MUST have at least two blank pages opposite.

If you travel with your children, minors, regardless of age, must also have an individual passport.

Effective 1st of July 2015, visitors to Kenya are now required to apply and pay for their visas online via www.ecitizen.go.ke 
The visas will be processed and sent online to the applicant who will then be required to print out the approved visa and present it to immigration officer at the point of entry.

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