Sublime 17 Days in East Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda, gorilla, chimpanzee and Zanzibar

One of the most beautiful private circuits possible in East Africa in every respect. For adventure and wildlife lovers of any age. Fabulous flights, breathtakingly varied landscapes and activities of choice such as witnessing the great migration of Gnu in the Sarengeti, to the famous Gorillas of Rwanda in the Virunga Mountains. Interaction with the Chimpanzees of Gombe in Tanzania at the majestic lake Tanganyika. Flying over Burundi on the way. Discovery of the inaccessible Katavi reserve, where we will find the largest concentration of hippopotamuses in Africa. Safari in the vast Selous reserve, 4WD, by foot, by boat, in the heart of the largest protected area in Africa, completeing your journey in Zanzibar.

We ensure that as a result of your participation in this trip, you are contributing to various projects whose mandate is to safeguard species and environments which are endangered and threatened by exploitation.

Please note: for the visit of the gorillas and chimpanzees, the minimum age is 15 years. 

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Safari Summary

Duration : 17 Days / 16 Nights
Number of peoples : 1 - 5 person(s)
Tour start : Nairobi
End of the trip : Nairobi

Places visited :

  • Zanzibar
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania - Serengeti
  • Rwanda - Kigali / Park of Volcanoes and Gorillas
  • Tanzania - Gombe and chimpanzees
  • Tanzania - Katavi and Hippopotamuses
  • Tanzania - Selous biomass and unique biodiversity

Transportation :
  • Flights, scenic style: Cessna 206
  • Ground: 4x4, Boat

Throughout the journey, the vehicles are at your exclusive use, our plane is constantly with us and all flights are not just traveling from point A to B, but an aerial adventure sharing with you the wonderful privilege of seeing the earth from the sky, as if you were a bird since the aircraft is an integral part of your voyage. In order to double the chance of the magical experience of time spent with the Gorillas and chimpanzees, we arrange for two visiting permits.

Physical condition :

No age limit (except for the visit Gorilla and Chimpanzees, minimum 15 years), health, skill, everything goes according to your wishes and personal capacity. Our only requirements: Enthusiasm, curiosity and love of nature!

Activities :
  • Air safaris
  • Air tours, discover the most beautiful scenery from the air.
  • 4x4 safari, national parks Serengeti, visit Kigali, Rwanda Discovery in 4x4 and trek on foot to the gorillas in the Volcanoes of Virunga Park .
  • Transfer by boat on Lake Tanganyika, other treck to chimpanzees at Gombe in Tanzania
  • flight along Lake Tanganyika and Mahale.
  • 4x4 safari in the unique biodiversity of Katavi and incredible concentration of hippo especialy during dry season.
  • Discover in 4x4, walk in the vast Selous Game Reserve and boat on the Rufiji river that flow through the reserve.
  • Discover the island of Zanzibar from the air and by car, then relax at the seaside on the white sandy beaches.
  • Breakfasts, brunches, appetizers and sumptuos meals in the bush, All flights in your own private airplane .
  • Meet and interact with the people living on site.
  • Activities according to your interests and your desires
Introducing :

Alexis Peltier your pilot and guide will accompany you throughout your stay, in flight and on the ground by arranging unforgettable surprises along the journey; he introduces you to many friends along the way.

Accommodation :

Also in the spirit of a very special stay, personalized and privatized, we selected a mix of different types of accommodations to meet your needs and convenience.
Alexis Peltier has merged a variety of his contacts that allow great flexibility and a very personalized service.
We attach particular importance to the Lodges and Camps who are involved in conservation activities, as well as in the lives of local people.

Different lodge from : luxury, nice quality, 
family cottage, bush camps

Contact us, we will design your journey together.

Day 1. Nairobi - Tanzania

You will be welcomed at your arrival in Nairobi upon exiting the aircraft, once the formalities are done and luggage recovered, your driver will take you to Wislon airfield where we will meet at the Aero Club of East Africa and relax a little before we proceed to take off take off in my fully bush equipped plane, a Cessna 206.
A beautiful flight of 1:15 to Tanzania over the famous Amboseli National park, and West side of Kilimanjaro; If it is clear and the conditions are favorable, then we will fly up to the top of the roof of Africa ! ... This might be one of your most wonderful memories .
Stop at Kilimanjaro International Airport to make the entry documents into Tanzania. Proceed for a spectacular 1:30 flight, to the Serengeti. We will fly through the middle of the vast most beautiful African Great Rift Valley. Beautiful emotions as you witness with a bird eyes, the still active volcano, Ol Donyio Lengai, where the Maasai's God resides...
Followed by magestic landscape ; the sublime Lake Natron and its sumptuous colors due to its alkaline waters, are home to abundant population of flamingos. Images and visions of color you will never forget. Landing in the heart of 14,763 km² of the Serengetti. Upon landing, our 4x4 private vehicle will transfer us to camp . After settling in you can enjoy the camp lunch. Afternoon siesta and private game drive in Serengeti with a sundowner in the bush.  Dinner and night at tented camp.

Day 2. Serengeti National Park

At 6:00 am, after a hot drink of your choice, take the opportunity early whilst it is still cool to game drive in the customized 4x4 safari car, in search of the big cats and whatever other animals we see in this vast eco system. Depending on the time of year, we may witness the largest mammal migration in the world ... The wildebeest , or bearded Gnu as they trek thousands of kilometers in search of grassland. Traditional bush breakfast during your game drive. Retuning to camp as the sun gets hot, and most of the animals seek shade.
World Heritage site of UNESCO, SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK is famous for the annual migration of herbivores : Serengeti then offers, at certain times of year, an exceptional show when thousands of wildebeest and zebras migrate in search of greener pastures. The Serengeti is also home to the famous Big Five in large numbers. You will enjoy an unusual Safari in the vast stretches of plains of Tanzania.  Resident lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, gazelles and Grant Thomson, impala, Kirks dick dick, bushbuck, topi, buffalo, waterbuck , Masai giraffe, eland, warthogs, jackals and many more ... it is a world in itself ... Return to the 'tented camp', for a well earned lunch and rest. Around 16:00 leave for another personnalised 4x4 safari game drive, up to sun set looking for great Cats action. Aperitif in the bush and return to the camp while enjoying a night game drive when possible, Dinner, overnight at tented lodge

Day 3. Lake Victoria - Rwanda

Breakfast at 6:30, return to the plane enjoying a private game drive on the way and take off for a 2:15 flight, along the Mara River, which flows through a beautiful delta in the great Lake Victoria. Landing at Mtwara for the administrative the exit from Tanzania and to refuel the plane. Then to Kigali for another beautiful flight of 1:40 along Lake Victoria After formalities of entering in Rwanda, transfer to your hotel. The UN has declared the capital of Rwanda "best African capital." Development Model, with its paved roads and safe neighborhoods, she dreamed of an "other Africa".  Kigali, located at an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level. The city is unusually clean. Here, pedestrians cross at crosswalks. Plastic bags are banned since 2006, in the whole country. They were replaced by biodegradable paper bags. If time allows, city tour. Overnight in Kigali.

Day 4. Rwanda - Nyabarongo - Sabyinyo

After breakfast, we cross part of Rwanda for 3:00hours in a vehicle. We can stop at a beautiful view overlooking the Nyabarongo river, coffee break at Nyirangarama where we take a small detour to a beautiful viewpoint to admire the Burera and Ruhando lakes, amid Virunga mountain range and arrive for a late lunch at Volcanoes park; it is the largest natural park in the country extending more than 125 km2 .. Strangely, it's a big game hunter, taxidermist and sculptor, the American Carl Akeley who had first, the idea of protecting the gorillas and creating a nature reserve in the Virunga Mountains.  Disappointed to return empty-handed from a safari on the slopes of volcanoes, but nevertheless concerned that the gorillas were endangered, he became aware of the need to take drastic measures.
Staying in Sabyinyo lodge or equivalent .. Overnight in Sabyinyo. Rest in this beautiful setting and possibility of a small walk around and explore the village at the foot of Sabyinyo.  Sundowner, dinner and overnight at the lodge.

Day 5. Gorillas ...

After breakfast, depart for a day dedicated to trek with the gorillas. The advantage to discover these beautiful creatures in Rwanda lies in the fact that in general we discover the gorillas without having to walk too long and in relatively easy conditions. Transfer by 4x4 to the entrance of the National Park near the village of Kinigi . We will be given a briefing on how to behave in contact with gorillas, explanation of the history and distribution of these endangered groups, and set off for an exciting adventure. The time of the encounter with the gorillas is a magical moment to savor ; I say no more except that powerful emotions are guaranteed. After the allotted time of interaction with these beautiful creatures, we hike back. Leaving the gallery forest, picnic lunch with a view of five of the eight Virunga (meaning "volcano" in Swahili) Mountains volcanoe : Karisimbi Visoke, Muhabura Gahinga and Sabyinyo. This chain stretches from north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to the south-western Uganda  and beyond. 4x4 transfer to Sabyinyo. Rest and possibility of a walk around and explore the village at the foot of Sabyinyo. Aperitif , dinner and overnight at the lodge.

Day 6. Gorillas and Kigali

In order to double the chances of having the privilege to share more time with the gorillas, same as morning on day 5. Return to the lodge, shower. The departure time depends entirely on the time we will spend to discover gorillas this morning. Back to Kigali by vehicle.. Indeed, as of August 24, 2015, no more vehicles are allowed in the heart of the capital of Rwanda, widely recognized as the cleanest city in Africa. Kigali, which now has 1.1 million inhabitants, has beautiful paved and lighted streets that connect all parts of the city together. Cleanliness is there exemplary, developed to compete with any other European cities, which is still surprising from an African capital. Settle in at the lodge, sundowners, dinner in town and if you like to explore the night life in Kigali.

Day 7. Kigoma via Burundi

You take your breakfast at 7:30 while the exit formalities are taken care of. Take off to Kigoma for a beautiful 1:50 flight through Burundi and its highlands. I leave the timing flexibility for this day since the MTO conditions can be capricious in this region. Arrival at the impressive Lake Tanganyika; the 2nd deepest in the world. On landing, entry procedure in Tanzania, transfer to the lodge and little excursion in the town of Kigoma, its fishermen, and colorful market. Sundowners, dinner and overnight in Kigoma, in simple and comfortable lodge. 

Day 8. Chimpanzees in Gombe park

After breakfast, transfer by boat to Gombe 2:00 hours ride, along the shores of Lake Tanganyika, enjoying the quaint fishing villages and lush forests of the park with its white sandy beaches. 1st stop at the park office witch is Jane Goodall research center, to validate visiting permits for the Chimpanzees ; then we continue to the small tented lodge; Settle in at the lodge. Gombe Park is world famous for its population of chimpanzees, whose colony is one of the most studied in the world. In 1960, Jane Goodall moved to this remote region of Tanzania and began studying these apes. Her long term studies on their behavior illuminated many interesting facts about chimpanzees, and the scientific impact of her work is considerable. Today, the park still houses a research center that continuously monitors the ape populations. In addition to chimpanzees, baboons are very common in Gombe, as well as various species of Colobus monkey. Over 200 species of birds inhabit the park. Depending on where the chimpanzees are, we take the opportunity to go and find them. You can also snorkel in the clear water of the lake to observe the great diversity of fish , including the Cyclids, and if you wish, take a canoe trip between huge rocks along the banks of transparent waters.  Drinks by the fire, dinner and overnight at Gombe.

Day 9. Jane Goodall facilities, Lake Tanganyika

Day dedicated to chimpanzees and discovering the park ... After breakfast, departure by boat to the starting point where we may have the opportunity to meet chimpanzees. Walking can be more or less difficult depending on the location of these primates. We will be accompanied researchers and park rangers, it is fascinating to be given such an insight into the behavior and communication methods of these great apes genetically so close to us. Beautiful emotions guaranteed when interacting with them, again, I do say no more. Hike back to the boat waiting at the lake shore. If we have time, another lovely walk in the primary forest to beautiful waterfalls and if you wish, visit the Jane Goodall facilities. The park is the smallest in the country. Its area is 52 km2. It consists of a small forest strip wedged between the beaches of Lake Tanganyika and a mountain range bordering the lake. The terrain is steep and the climate humid. This is a kind of unusual landscape in quite deforested region. The park is located between Kigoma town and the Burundian border. Return to the small tented lodge and snorkel in the clear water and / or canoe trip between huge rocks along the banks of transparent waters. Drinks by the fire, dinner and overnight at Gombe.

Day 10. Kigoma, Katavi plains and swamps

After breakfast, 2H00 transfer by boat to Kigoma. We cool off at a lodge and prepare for a superb 2h15 flight to Katavi, making a beautiful trip along Lake Tanganyika; we cross the delta of the river Malagarasi, then Mahale, this mountain range of 2,200 MTS, covered with a beautiful primary forest, plunging steeply into the clear waters of the lake with a strip of white sand . We proceed to the plains and swamps of Katavi. The last flight section upon arrival at the park is spectacular ... Huge herds of buffalo, elephants and here is the largest concentration of hippopotamuses in Africa. During the dry season, there are hundreds which clump together in the remaining, muddy waters. It's pretty impressive to witness, whether by air or up close. 4x4 transfer to the lodge, lunch, rest and departure for a private safari in Katavi. Appetizer on a beautiful view with our sunset, dinner and overnight at the Lodge

Day 11. Park Katavi

At 6:30 after a hot drink in bed, departure for a private safari in the reserve with a breakfast in the bush. Katavi was created in 1974. It is a park of 4,471 square kilometers, off the beaten track, little used. The river Katuma, the seasonal Lake Katavi and Chada floodplains give it particular characteristics during the different seasons. The fauna includes large herds of buffalo, elephants, and antelope, along the aquatic areas, you will see a large number of crocodiles and the largest concentration of hippos .During 4 months of the year, at the the dry season time, hundreds huddle together in mud pools where crocodiles, catfish, are forced to pass on the backs of hippos in order not to be crushed . It is an unbelievable sight. When the rains eventually come, the vast floodplains of Chada become an Eldorado for large herbivores. Some sources maintain high biodiversity throughout the year. Sundowner equator style with a beautiful view, dinner and overnight at the Lodge

Day 12. Katavi to Tabora

After an early breakfast, transfer while enjoying a personalized 4x4 game drive to the aircraft. Take off for a beautiful flight of 1h30 over the huge protected area of Katavi to Tabora to refuel the aircraft. Then, we have a long flight of 3:20 over totally wild expanses in the heart of Tanzania through the Ruaha park and on to the Selous Reserve, which is named after the hunter Frederick Courtney Selous who was an English officer of the early twentieth century who spent much time, as one of the pioneers of the first footsteps in Africa. The Selous covers an area of 55,000 sq km, divided by the great Rufiji river. The northern part is reserved for photographic safaris. By late afternoon, if you wish, private safari on foot or in 4x4 in the Selous. Overnight Selous.

Day 13. Warm waters in the Selous

Early departure for a private safari in the Selous The park is home to zebras, wildebeest, buffalo and elephants. There are still a few specimens of protected species of black rhino and wild dog groups and rare antelopes. We'll swim in pools of volcanic hot springs. This is one of the largest protected areas in the world, listed as UNESCO World Heritage since 1982. A boundary change to exclude a uranium deposit was approved in 2012. In June 2014, the reserve was declared World Heritage in danger by UNESCO due to uncontrolled poaching plaguing its territory. Back at the lodge and lunch in the afternoon, if you wish, personalized safari 4x4 with an aperitif in the bush. Dinner and overnight at the beautiful lodge.

Day 14. On the Rufiji River

Early departure for a superb boat safari on the Rufiji River, through beautiful gorges where there is a great diversity of flora and fauna, where it is not uncommon to observe closely enough the elusive leopard. We park on a sandbar at the foot of large rocks with beautiful shapes carved by water and brunch in this idyllic setting in the deep bush. Back at the lodge then transfer by 4x4 to the plane for another fine 1h25 flight to Zanzibar with a detour along the Rufiji and beautiful Stiegler gorge, then heading to the north of Dar es Salaam whilst beautiful colors awash sandbanks in the sea and we fly over the island of Zanzibar Nicknamed "the spice island" Zanzibar is located off the northern coast of Tanzania. For centuries, people come looking for slaves and spices. Its port was one of the most important trading centers of East Africa, visited by almost all major civilizations of mankind. Explorers, Traders and Slavers. From the Assyrians to the British, through to the Arabs, Chinese and Portuguese. For this first night on Zanzibar, we will stay at a hotel in the heart of "Stone town" so we have some leisure time to enjoy this historic part of the city with its narrow winding streets, bazaars, shops, mosques and its majestic palace, the old town of a thousand fragrances is one of the most fascinating places of the island. Overnight in Stone Town.

Day 15. Stone town and white sand

Morning in Stone town, the old quarters of the "city of stone" ("Stone Town"), built in black coral rock, home to many archaeological ruins, witnesses of the rich history of Zanzibar. The tall houses the famous carved doors, the old Arab fort and the "House of Wonders" (Beit el-Ajaib) are other treasures of the city. Late in the morning depart by private car to the north East of the island and along the way we will discover a bit of spice island. The white beaches of the "Spice Island" run to the north and more to the east. Settle in for the night in small hotel by the sea. Rest on the beach of white sand, aperitif at sunset, possibility of seafood dining, and overnight at small lodge

Day 16. Discovering Zanzibar

At leisure, rest at the seaside and if you feel like it, drive with our private vehicle, to discover small friendly places, and beaches of Zanzibar. This island has an area of 120 km² and 2,700,000 Inhabitants holds many secrets to discover. The climate is generally hot and humid with the refreshing sea breezes the atmosphere and the water always hot lagoons. Night at the small hotel by the seaside. 

Day 17. Dar es Salaam or Nairobi

Depending on the time of your international flight witch can be from Dar es Salaam or Nairobi, back to Zanzibar Town and the airport. If you go from Nairobi, beautiful 3:00 flight to Kenya through the famous Usambara Mountains, Mkomazi Reserve, Tsavo West Kenya to the plateau of the Athi and arrive at Nairobi. Rest and transfer to the international airport. Returning to your World with beautiful memories, and a new perspective on life.


Price per person, in US$ :
(No hotel on first and last should you want in Nairobi. No new years supplement. Tips, and all drinks ordered by your guide are included)

On basis :

  • 1 person(s) : 55,200 US$
  • 2 person(s) : 33,600 US$
  • 3 person(s) : 27,300 US$
  • 4 person(s) : 24,200 US$

Single room supplement : Devis sur demande US$

For children less than 8 yrs sharing with 2 adults :

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  • The full board hotel.
  • The 4x4 with driver.
  • Entries to parks in, Rwanda and Tanzania.
  • Air transport all by private bush plane during the safari.
  • Drinks ordered by the expedition leader.
  • General tips
  • Your guide and driver.
  • Meals in Nairobi on day of departure and arrival.
  • The private vehicles
  • Transfers in Nairobi and from airports
  • Snacks in Nairobi and throughout the trip
  • Passengers taxes in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Rwanda, and return trip to Kenya
  • Transfers to Kigali Virunga and Kigoma to Gombe
  • The 2 licenses visit the Gorillas and chimpanzees
  • The tax "Rwanda Community Development Levy" for all nights in Rwanda

Not included

  • The personal expenses.
  • Your personal insurance
  • Visas, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda (Take multiple entry visa for Kenya and Tanzania)
  • International flight.
  • The first and / or last night in Nairobi or Dar es Salaam, according to dates and times of arrival and departure

Formalities - Health

Provide, loincloth, shorts, swimwear, fleece, pants, shoes, comfortable sandals, cap, sunglasses, flashlight. Kenya has many highlands, mornings, evenings and cloudy days, it can get cold there, the ultimate weapon, a good fleece and a raincoat.

Bagages souples seulement afin de faciliter le chargement de l’avion.

Antimalarial prophylaxis recommended mosquito repellent + a, yellow fever vaccine not mandatory in Kenya depending your antecedent travels but advised against it is required for travelers who have recently visited or transited + 12h in one of 42 countries in sub-Saharan Africa or South America.

High protection sunscreen, drink lots of water, no supply problem on the spot.

Common drug for minor cuts, digestive disorders, eye drops, antihistamines. Kit first complete emergency on board.

See things to bring on safari

Mandatory passport validity must be valid 6 months after the return date for French citizens * .
It MUST have at least two blank pages opposite.

If you travel with your children, minors, regardless of age, must also have an individual passport.

Effective 1st of July 2015, visitors to Kenya are now required to apply and pay for their visas online via 
The visas will be processed and sent online to the applicant who will then be required to print out the approved visa and present it to immigration officer at the point of entry.

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