Your guide and pilot

Alexis Peltier , 54, French, is a bush pilot, he has lived for more than 38 years in Africa, with 29 years of involvement in Kenya. He has a vast experience in Flying.

He is the founder of Air-adventures , passions: flying, wild nature and, many more.. he helps you realize "the beauty of the world" ...

"I do not offer mass tourism, neither qualitatively nor intellectually. It is important that visitors have a complete view of Kenya, its beauty, but also its challenges for the future. My attachment to this country and my involvement that it is impossible to consider safaris as a consumer product, I need to establish a real exchange with my "guests" .The places visited are not chosen by chance, they are selected based on conservation programs supported by each establishment."

Rencontre avec nos amis MasaïAn interview with Alexis Peltier on the site

Alexis Peltier is the Founding President of Wings for Earth Maisha Trust , environmental protection agency, one of whose objectives is a better understanding of the interactions between humans and environment. Very involved and actively participates in many conservation projects. See the Environment page

Asking only enthusiasm and good humor throughout your adventure , Alexis offers unforgettable moments to discover the sublime landscapes of Africa, its wildlife and its people. You share enriching interaction with friends of various local tribes that you meet, Maasai, Samburu, Turkana and many more.


Prise de vue aérienne lors d'un tournage